Why Worpress sites get hacked

Wordpress Website, Hacking, Malware

Always we hear the news about website hacked or if you have own website you also have face same problem sometime.
I have read somewhere that around 30,000 sites a day show up distributing malicious code and WordPress sites are top on list.

Now the question arise why WordPress sites get hacked.Why we have to install several different systems to keep hackers out? Why we have to know how to configure installation for security? Why hacker hack the sites?

There is few reasons which make hacker to hack sites.

They want to use it to send out spam email.

They want to gain access to your data, mailing list, credit card information, etc.

They want to gain access to your site and cause it to download malicious software onto your end user’s machine or they want to install malicious software for use on your site.

Why mostly Worpress based sites hacked.


The main reason of WordPress site hacking is its world wide popularity. Due to easy and small structure. WordPress become world most popular CMS. 20-30% website development going in WordPress.
Second thing is its open source platform. Due to open source lots of authors write plugins for WordPress. Some didn’t follow core standards.

Outdated/Vulnerable WordPress Version:

WordPress releases updates almost every month and fixes the vulnerabilities and bugs that prevail in the earlier versions. A large number of users fail to update the WordPress version of their website, hence leaving it vulnerable.

Website Growth

When any website grow or become popular then it attracts lots of users.But sometime it can be curse.Bcz website growth also attract hackers to hack your site.
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