Tops reasons of websites hacked or blacklisted



Every website owner try to secure his website from getting hacked or infected with malware.But unfortunately website got hacked.Thousands of websites got hacked on daily basis.The website may be ecommerce website, news site, entertainment site, personal services, matrimony etc.There may be many reasons of website hacked or blacklised in google or other sites.The purpose of hacking site is to get cash, marketing etc. There is many hackers who just do hacking for fun.They are not concern website is small or big. Popular websites or content management system based websites are more on risk then simple html/css based sites.

Here I am listing few reasons of website hacking or infected with malware.

1 Poor Passwords
2 Malicious file execution
3 Cross site scripting
4 Third party add-ons
5 Insecure FTP connections

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