Social Media Marketing


 Twitter – Your smart and effectual marketing Tool

“Social Media” has emerged out as an powerful tool in this tech-savvy world. One such highly used social platform is Twitter. It is one of the most commonly used platforms to microblog in 140 characters or less. These days more and more companies and business are using twitter for effective  marketing.

Every day, billions of people all over the world use Twitter to discover, connect  and share ideas with others. Buinesses are using it as an effective way to reach to other businesses and people. From local companies to big brands and from  famous electricians in the city to internet based service,  people are finding twitter as a reliable medium to find connections.

If you are a businessman and not using Twitter then you should ask yourself why not your business use it when everyone else around you is doing. Here are some reasons why you should use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool.

  1.  It is a good optics:-  Having a website for your business is just not sufficient to show your web presence.   Using social media is an evidence that your business is actively partcipaing in this “Social Media world”.
  2.  Great Networking Tool:-  Twitter is a best way to build relationships with your potential customers. You can communicate with them in an effective way, listening to their suggestions and feedbacks which  can help you in a long run.
  3. Refines your business:-  You cannot deny to the fact that most of the time people spend using one or other social networking site. They learn about various products and business most of the times through these sites. Thus, to make people aware about your brand, it is a nice gesture to throw your effective web presence over Internet through twitter.

To advertise on Twitter, you do not need to be a big brand like Starbucks, Dell or Samsung. Even if you are a medium-sized business or just a start up, Twitter can prove out to be a powerful medium to share your services/products to a larger number of people. It is pretty simple to get started with Twitter. All you need to have is an account on it. Your account name should be such that it matches with your business, services or products.  Choose your name wisely because it will convey your business goals in just few alphabets. After you are done with creating an account on Twitter, you will need to post tweets.  You need to develop a strategy how to use Twitter to reach to maximum number of people or how you will get followers.  Some of the effective strategies are to post special offers or sales of your business, answer the questions of your followers to build good relationships with potential customers.  You must publish quality content to evoke customers to Retweet and spread it to others.

Start following those who are somehow related to your company or working in your company. Once you start running your business profile on Twitter, you will surely be getting feedback from your customers.  Listening to their suggestions and improvements will help you get better day by day. Another main cause of using Twitter to market your business online is -it is FREE of cost. What can be more pleasing than that. You can reach to maximum number of people online free of cost. Updating your cutomers with latest updations or News about your company can also prove beneficial. To give an extra boost, You can also tweet about the hot deals and coupons  of your company.

Build strong foundation of your business with Twitter. It can give a nice lift to your business. Eventually it will increase the sales and hence, profit of your business. It is a best way to reach to poential customers. Develop smart strategy and engage, attract and satisfy your customers with quality and useful information.