Several Detrimental SEO Myths

It is quite true that there are several SEO Myths that are still prevalent today. Using those SEO Myths you may get heavily penalized. Now the question arises what are those myths. This is quite ironical that in this modern age we still rely upon those SEO Myths to get the results you always hoped for. Herein below, you will be getting acquainted with the various myths that business still make use of.

  1. The more focus on keywords, the better:- Keywords have always played an important role as far as SEO is concerned. Keywords are basically phrases that web users type on search engines to find various products and services. Keywords help you to know what people are searching. It is seen that most of the SEO firms stuff their SEO related keywords so as to secure higher positions on search engines. It is to be noted that over stuffing the keywords can have negative SEO impacts.

  2. XML Sitempas are not important:- Most of SEO professionals believe that it is not important for them to submit XML sitemaps. These site maps vital as they are just an indication to Google Bot or spider to crawl their pages as sitemaps contain information about all URL’s in a single source file.

  3. No value of content:- Earlier it was commonly believed and accepted that nobody reads online so there is no value of content. Whereas this is completely false. These days, SEO is all about content marketing. You need to publish fresh, relevant and engaging content onto your website to grab the attention of your potential customers online.

  4. Content Syndication is valuable tool in link building:- There has been lot of debate over the issue that the ratio of original content over the duplicate content should be more. The thing that hugely effects the overall ranking of the website is the originality of the content. Duplicate content can have negative SEO impacts.

  5. Social Media profiles have adverse impact on rankings:- In an debate held few years back, it was concluded that having engaging social media profiles can increase the awareness of your brand among customers. It can aid you in enhancing the rankings over search engines but it cannot be solely held responsible for the increased ranking over search engines.

  6. Google has no value of press releases:- One of the most common SEO myth is that Google pay no value to the press releases. Press Releases are a medium to let people know about your products, deals and services officially which has gained much importance these days.

Myths are just our false assumptions which we make according to our logics. These myths should be erased and realities should be accepted. Understanding the basic principles and realities can make you take decisions in a better way.