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Benefits of responsive web designs

You might have paid attention to the website analytics over the last few years and seen there is a drastic increase in the traffic coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. If your website or blog is not accessible to the mobile users, then you may  lagg behind the others in this highly competitive world. The design of your website should be such that it can easily take up the size of  user screen, whether it is 10-inch desktop, 7-inch tablet or 5-inch smartphones.  Here the concept of “Responsive web design” come into play. Responsive websites are those that can take up the size of user screen.

Below we have clubbed some of the benefits of the responsive web designs:-

  • Enhances User Experience:-  Studies say most of the people make use of smartphones and tablets for surfing the Internet. These digits cannot be ignored as they represent a large number of people. When an user is not able to access your website on his mobile device, he may look for other millions of options on the Internet. Loss becomes completely yours as you loose one of the potential customer. Responsive web design enhances user experience and provides users easy and adaptable solution.
  • Easy to maintain:- In a case, you need to create multiple versions of your website separately for computers, smartphones and tablets, it can be a costly process. Also when you need to update any information, you will have to make double triple efforts. Whereas, this is not the case with responsive web design. You will not need to make efforts, a single change to the script and you are done. They are easy to maintain and thus, saves your time and efforts.
  • Improved SEO:- When a website adjusts itself to the various devices, it will get more clicks from a number of sources. Thus, it will optimize your website for search engines. You do not need to optimize content or build links for various versions of the website. Consequently, it will improve visibility of your website among larger number of people.
  • Ahead of competition:- Business world is highly competitive. You constantly need to make efforts to stay ahead of competition. It is said “The Future is Mobile”. If you are not able to provide mobile friendly website to your users, they will certainly bounce off your website and will go your competitor’s mobile friendly website that is easier to use.  Thus, having a responsive web design for your website keeps you ahead of competition.

Having a responsive web design for your website is a sure way to attain the attention of the mobile users.  It allows you to stay ahead of competition and trend.