PHP Frameworks

PHP Frameworks

PHP continues to be one of the most widely used programming language. It is easy to learn and make beautiful things with it. As a developer when you decide to develop a web application with complex business logic and rich user interface, using PHP framework can help you to remove obstacles that stand in your way of developing. There are various issues like security. Group permissions, form validation, character encoding etc to be considered before developing any web application.

A good framework is the one that makes it easy for you to connect to database,display records in the form of arrays and objects for easy use in your scripts. Such is the case with PHP Frameworks. The various types of PHP Frameworks that we use are :-

• CodeIgniter
• CakePHP
• Zend Frameworks
• Symphony
• Laravel

Using PHP frameworks, you can save incredible amounts of time. It is just a ready to go application out of the box. It gives you the right mentality to view what features you are adding and how your application looks like. Most of the PHP frameworks have the features to create robust and incredible forums. PHP Frameworks provides faster development of the web applications. All you need to do is choose a framework, learn it and you are ready to use it.

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