Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Integrating Google Analytics and Web master Tools into your SEO campaign can prove righteous for you. It is one of the wisest step you will ever take to amplify your SEO results to a great extent. Among many web master tools present today, Google’s Webmaster tools is top favourite for most of the SEO practitioners. It is not only a tool that provide comprehensive approach but is also free and easy to use, perfect for those practitioners who are aiming to utilize the digital market for better results.

The various benefits that you are going to get using the Google Web master tools are herein given below:-

  • You are sure of getting improved and advanced results when you use Google Webmaster tools.

  • Improved traffic reports

  • Access the essential site metrics those are extremely vital for your online marketing campaign

  • Detailed Ranking and traffic reports

  • Better crawling and indexation insights

The innumerable benefits of the Webmaster tools are not just limited to the above mentioned ones. But there are lot many benefits that web master tools has to offer. It is a medium that is beneficial in optimizing traffic reports, optimization, health and configuration of your website. All these metrics are important in evaluating the success of your business. Moreover, in order to pace with this competitive market, it is crucial for you to keep a check on these metrics. The first thing that you need to do is set up a Google account if you are not having a one. We recommend our web users to have same account for both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools as it will help you to trace the success of your website effortlessly.

Features of Google Web master Tools:-

  1. Search queries:- While using webmaster tools, you can view impression, which means how many number of people viewed your site based upon keyword searches. You are also sure of visiting click through rates. If the CTR data is small, then you need to update and improve your website in order to receive large CTR’s. But if it is already large in number, then you do not need to worry.

  2. Search Related Keywords:- Using the WM tools, you may also search the keywords related to your products and services who are offering huge competition. You should always use keywords which are of high rank but are less in competition. This will help you to reach to top positions.

  3. Google Authorship:- In order to reserve unique place for yourself on search engines, you need to work upon Google Authorship. For that, Set up a Google account and link to Google plus too. It will build a trust factor among the potential clients and searchers and encourage them to visit your website.

The Digital Marketing is quite complicated and overwhelming but if you pay update your knowledge with the upcoming trends, you can definitely hit the spot.

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