Tops reasons of websites hacked or blacklisted

Every website owner try to secure his website from getting hacked or infected with malware.But unfortunately website got hacked.Thousands of websites got hacked on daily basis.The website may be ecommerce…

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Seo tips for 2014

SEO commonly known as search engine optimization is changing always and the year 2014 is no different. It is a process of measuring how easily a website can be found on…

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iPhone APP SEO Optimization Tips

There are literally millions of apps out there on market in Apple and android stores. Irrespective of the idea that you might have, there will be many other competitors out…

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Double the glory and joy of Independence Day with our Lucrative Offers!

  Independence Day is celebrated on every 15 August throughout India with great splendor, joy and respect for Mother India. It not only signifies independence in terms of individuality but…

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Responsive Design, Twitter Bootstrap

Responsive Web Design

Benefits of responsive web designs You might have paid attention to the website analytics over the last few years and seen there is a drastic increase in the traffic coming…

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Face Business Problems

How to face business problems?

As a business grows, business owners face lots of problems. Different problems require different solutions. As an business owner, it can become hectic for you to keep a record of…

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PHP, Mysql

PHP History

PHP development began in 1994 when the developer Rasmus Lerdorf wrote a series of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Perl scripts, which he used to maintain his personal homepage. The tools…

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